Used & Destroyed

by Omega Defender

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War is all Hell.


released August 25, 2016

Eric Andersen - Drums
Sarah Green - Vocals, Bass
Luc Parker - Words, Guitars, Vocals
Dave Rupel - Guitars, Vocals

Recorded by Dave at Blank Wall Studio, mixed by Dave and Luc at Wank Balls basement in July-Aug. 2016 in beautiful southside Mpls, MN



all rights reserved


Omega Defender Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Welcome to the Sandbox
Turn your head and cough, he said,
Cuz heaven is heavy, and these Hajjis got more than rocks
Not every kid's got the balls for this shit,
so get ready for your own address in Hell, welcome to the Sandbox'

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the whore,
it's like Mr. Nazi said, 'It's what the young men are there for,'
Maybe war is just God's way of telling us he's bored,
but I'm tired of getting fucked for free, I'm tired of getting fucked for free

It's opposite day, been that way from the start,
if my country loves me we'll see they'll replace my heart

They can take a shattered man wave their hand and put him back in the ring,
A hundred million humpty-dumpty's with no hope no yolk left to bleed,
And I can't feel anything, just use what is left of me, is there anyone listening?

Mama, I don't wanna be a candle in your window
Papa, don't wanna panhandle light from the shadows
I just wanna go home

The smirk's jealousy kept our coffins off TV
In soft focus they croak us, we never met the enemy
In the ether we linger for our own parade
Airbrush us away
Glory Glory! What a helluva way to die!
I don't wanna lie
In the fields full of crosses and blank dominoes
above some mother's son brother or good friend
crossing their fingers for tomorrow..
Track Name: Glamour Shots
Siste Viator, Non timetis pedor
(Stay traveller, Don't fear the dirt)

Dreams two inches thick, Demons cut to the quick
Bracing for the elephant, Breaking this front of shit

Pauper sum ego, Nihil habeo
(I am poor, I have nothing)

Orders for a twilight raid, mortars and a live grenade
Grinning at the sky they prayed, Sinning for the new Crusade

There it is, man

Eram quod es, Eris quod sum
(I was once what you are, you will be what I am)

So how do you like your glamour shots, Trevor?
You oughta turn the guns around
Don't you know it's Game Over forever?
If I don't see you later I'll see you in the ground
Track Name: The Silver Cord
Sweep me up!
Floating above my body, don't the doctors know I just want to go away?
Though it might be policy, there is nothing you can do to make me want to stay
There is nothing you can do now to heal my brain

The shadows descend, my spirit lengthens and bends
Is there a heaven for expired men who die young but grow old?
Flatlined and clear, a voice says, 'You can't stay here,
It's with fear you have to fight now if you are to transcend this mold of Do What You're Told

Spiraling light, now pressing play on my life,
I feel the diamonds of family and friends in the palm of my hand
The voice reappears, says 'For 7,000 years
these souls must come to this place to enlist in the rolls of the damned
Up, on this hill, they're together
Up, on this hill, we're together

We're here because we're here
Who will pull the arrow from my spine?

Was it my imagination, or could it be the light I saw was the breath of the lord?
One more generation, swallowed by the darkness lying on the shore
Fastened to the deep by the silver cord
Track Name: Love//Fear
In the grip of my medicine I call to you the anthem of my tears
My American spirit burns a hole in my face between a whiskey and a beer
You say love is greater or equal to fear,
and I'm insincere to lean too heavy on truth
Well I'm standing pants down in the pay phone booth
and they're coming to take me away
I was halfway to being the hero you saw in me
Now I'm just a half-empty glass of human economy
One in a million leftover friends on the table after power-hour has its fill
And left us heartbroken paraplegic and amputees to foot the bill

And I can't say I'm afraid in the bed that I made
Track Name: Virtual Boi
Like birds of a feather we can put it together..

Back in the saddle balls big as elephants,
and aw hell no they never forget
How it's all about the man next to you
who hasn't heard they don't make heroes like they used to,
Pump'em full of metal down the pyramid,
the new Berzerkers on a one-way mission
Do the product placement door-to-door ding-dong,
it's the Learn Our Way of Life or Lose Yours song
Knock knock knock

Some may call it an amazing invention,
it's pretty simple when you read the directions:
Don't put something where it don't belong,
Don't leave your meat out in the hot sun too long,
Blow it first so it don't freeze and lose lives,
To save the queen you gotta sacrifice hives,
Analyze it to death but it still dies,
A plot of dirt for small truth in the Big Lie
What Am I? Virtual Boi, Beautiful, Virtual Boi.

Hell is not knowing you're there, clung to the Earth
Mind-made matter and care, and what is it worth?
And on and on the band played on after you're gone,
to someplace maybe better or worse
And what have you learned this time around my boy?
How many medals did you earn from this curse?

Tomorrow I'm a hero, but today I'm a zero
Track Name: Patient Zero
Despite what they might tell you, the human body is quite soft
And when it comes down to brass tacks these men are just doing their jobs
Sounds like fun at first, killing what’s different, as the masters look on,
From the towers they charge us like plastic, til us or them are gone
But they never pay, do they?

Back at home, they can’t support you until the commercial break
Hired guns against a force with its whole salvation at stake
They call you a hero looking down at your weakness,
pick you up when you fall
But they haven’t seen the paintings in your head,
know why you stare at the wall

The past is a nightmare trying to wake up
And history you know ain’t written by us
The first thing they take is your language,
they said the more you cooperate the more you know
Patient Zero

Love is a dream, you awake and its gone, but you still got your fist
If anger’s a gift, then the way they treat you everyday is Xmas
Its hard for a man to hold any water in this deserted life
What have you done for anyone that matters asks the edge of the knife
So take it away, you can't wait

Tempus Fugit, Non Autem Memoria (Time flies, but not memory)

There's no light, There's no right

We are broken, and no one will say Fix Me out loud
Track Name: Casualty of Time
Welcome back to fantasy, let's make it real
You've got the scars and phantom rage, it's mass appeal
All the kids in basements now, study the skills
Sign the check and show them how, to make the kills

It's something to do
They want to fight
They'll live through you
It's only right

Used and destroyed, forgotten and alone,
From Thermopylae, Fallujah and home

Lords looked over their shoulder, and you're off to war
Back into the fog my son, another tour
Every hour on the hour, you slay yourself
Be the last one to play on, and give 'em hell

You can wash your hands
It's just in your mind
We'll take your stands
And draw your lines

That night at Cold Harbor, the chickadee froze
When the hard drive crashed, new martyrs arose

Life gives the soul a mountain to climb
Death sends it down the other side
Oh, Casualty of Time

Soldiers wake at reveille,
While the nation's at the mall,
We'll disinter the gravity in
a VR that we call Omega Defender