Patient Zero

from by Omega Defender



Despite what they might tell you, the human body is quite soft
And when it comes down to brass tacks these men are just doing their jobs
Sounds like fun at first, killing what’s different, as the masters look on,
From the towers they charge us like plastic, til us or them are gone
But they never pay, do they?

Back at home, they can’t support you until the commercial break
Hired guns against a force with its whole salvation at stake
They call you a hero looking down at your weakness,
pick you up when you fall
But they haven’t seen the paintings in your head,
know why you stare at the wall

The past is a nightmare trying to wake up
And history you know ain’t written by us
The first thing they take is your language,
they said the more you cooperate the more you know
Patient Zero

Love is a dream, you awake and its gone, but you still got your fist
If anger’s a gift, then the way they treat you everyday is Xmas
Its hard for a man to hold any water in this deserted life
What have you done for anyone that matters asks the edge of the knife
So take it away, you can't wait

Tempus Fugit, Non Autem Memoria (Time flies, but not memory)

There's no light, There's no right

We are broken, and no one will say Fix Me out loud


from Used & Destroyed, released August 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Omega Defender Minneapolis, Minnesota

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