Virtual Boi

from by Omega Defender



Like birds of a feather we can put it together..

Back in the saddle balls big as elephants,
and aw hell no they never forget
How it's all about the man next to you
who hasn't heard they don't make heroes like they used to,
Pump'em full of metal down the pyramid,
the new Berzerkers on a one-way mission
Do the product placement door-to-door ding-dong,
it's the Learn Our Way of Life or Lose Yours song
Knock knock knock

Some may call it an amazing invention,
it's pretty simple when you read the directions:
Don't put something where it don't belong,
Don't leave your meat out in the hot sun too long,
Blow it first so it don't freeze and lose lives,
To save the queen you gotta sacrifice hives,
Analyze it to death but it still dies,
A plot of dirt for small truth in the Big Lie
What Am I? Virtual Boi, Beautiful, Virtual Boi.

Hell is not knowing you're there, clung to the Earth
Mind-made matter and care, and what is it worth?
And on and on the band played on after you're gone,
to someplace maybe better or worse
And what have you learned this time around my boy?
How many medals did you earn from this curse?

Tomorrow I'm a hero, but today I'm a zero


from Used & Destroyed, released August 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Omega Defender Minneapolis, Minnesota

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