Welcome to the Sandbox

from by Omega Defender



Turn your head and cough, he said,
Cuz heaven is heavy, and these Hajjis got more than rocks
Not every kid's got the balls for this shit,
so get ready for your own address in Hell, welcome to the Sandbox'

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the whore,
it's like Mr. Nazi said, 'It's what the young men are there for,'
Maybe war is just God's way of telling us he's bored,
but I'm tired of getting fucked for free, I'm tired of getting fucked for free

It's opposite day, been that way from the start,
if my country loves me we'll see they'll replace my heart

They can take a shattered man wave their hand and put him back in the ring,
A hundred million humpty-dumpty's with no hope no yolk left to bleed,
And I can't feel anything, just use what is left of me, is there anyone listening?

Mama, I don't wanna be a candle in your window
Papa, don't wanna panhandle light from the shadows
I just wanna go home

The smirk's jealousy kept our coffins off TV
In soft focus they croak us, we never met the enemy
In the ether we linger for our own parade
Airbrush us away
Glory Glory! What a helluva way to die!
I don't wanna lie
In the fields full of crosses and blank dominoes
above some mother's son brother or good friend
crossing their fingers for tomorrow..


from Used & Destroyed, released August 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Omega Defender Minneapolis, Minnesota

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